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On trailer-park rules: "The unsaid rule for living in a trailer park is if the door's shut, don’t come a-knockin'. But if it's open and you're walkin' by, feel free to say hello." — Details, January 2006

On evolution: "I don't want to just revolve. I want to evolve. As a man, as a human, as a father, as a lover." — Elle magazine, March 2013

On commas: "Now, you lose something in your life, or you come into a conflict, and there's gonna come a time that you're gonna know there was a reason for that. And at the end of your life, all the things you thought were periods, they turn out to be commas. There was never a full stop in any of it." — Esquire, March 2011

On reminding people he's the Sexiest Man Alive: "People are going, 'You're the sexiest man in America.' And I'm like, 'No, no — alive!' Those extraterrestrials out there? Those dudes on Mars? They ain't got nothing on me, man. I'm sexy, and I'm alive. Fact!" — Details, January 2006