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In 1985, Michael rescued a 3-year-old chimp and named him Bubbles. The two were inseparable for years.

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TravlinWoman TravlinWoman 7 years
I loved Bubbles, I too hope he is being well cared for. This picture brings tears to my eyes.....
Ginger Ginger 7 years
Yea, he was pretty young when he lived with Michael. Chimps live 50-60 years, but as they grow to adulthood they are dangerous to have as pets, so most of them end up in animal research or sent to live in cages in sanctuaries, some of which are a little dubious. It's really pretty sad for the chimps. I hope Bubbles is at a good one.
angelaminx angelaminx 7 years
MJ is breathtaking in this photo you can see his soul.
Ana-V452519 Ana-V452519 7 years
Bubbles is alive? I didn't know that
Ginger Ginger 7 years
Poor Bubbles. He'll miss his old pal. I've read that Bubbles is thriving in a sanctuary since Michael gave him up, but that Michael and his kids would still visit him.
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