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More Family Jewels

For her trip to Australia, Kate will be packing more royal heirlooms, like her sapphire engagement ring, which was once worn by Princess Diana, and fewer Zara pieces, like the $35 necklace she wore to the London premiere of the Nelson Mandela biopic. As part of her royal makeover, Kate will be sporting tiaras once worn by the queen and the queen mother.

She gave us a taste of that in December 2013, when she wore the gorgeous Lotus Flower Tiara. The tiara was made for the queen mother from a diamond and pearl necklace she was given as a wedding present by her husband, King George VI. In 1959, the queen mother gave the tiara to her younger daughter, Princess Margaret, who once lived in the Kensington Palace apartment Will and Kate occupy today with Prince George. It was the first time we saw Kate out and about wearing a tiara since her royal wedding day in 2011. That one, a 1936 Cartier "halo," was her "something borrowed" from the queen. Get ready for more sparkly headwear.

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