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  • On wanting to be a rapper when he was younger: "I still kind of do. I was a rapper named Big Tub. I was called Big Tub and the Tabby Cats."
  • On Twlight portraying women in a negative light: "For some reason there were all these political arguments against it. People saying, "Oh, it's a bad example for women." Blah, blah, blah. As if we were all a bunch of dumbasses. We're not playing it that way! That's purely your interpretation!"
  • On playing Edward Cullen for so long: "It was quite a constricting character, in a way. You want to make [him] as dramatic as possible, but you have someone who never loses his temper, and so it's like, 'How the f*ck do you do this?' I think that was one of the hardest jobs I've ever done."
  • On one of his biggest fears: "I hate auditioning. I just can't do it. I get so nervous, like cripplingly nervous. I'm bad at them, and I feel awful afterward."

Image Source: Getty / Andreas Rentz