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  • On work: "I've basically messed up every audition I've ever gone for. I forget how to act in between every single movie."
  • On filming Twilight vs. The Rover: "The cold makes people stressed. There wasn't as much light in the day to shoot with in Vancouver. And this was just, like, the same weather every day. There's no one pressuring you to do anything. It's [director David Michod's] movie, and there are basically only two people in it. You don't have to rush anything. There's only two egos you have to deal with. [Laughs.]"
  • On his "real" personality: "I did some interview awhile ago, and it sounds like I'm a manic depressive about to kill myself. And I'm like, 'No I'm not!'"
  • On starring in another movie franchise: "I'd have to put a lot of thought into it first. But in a lot of ways, those are the only big movies that are made anymore. So unless you just never want to do studio movies, you have to realize that you've got to do The Fault in Our Stars 2."

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