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Charles, Prince of Wales

As the Prince of Wales, Charles's time is completely dedicated to royal life, including representing the queen at home and abroad, tending to his various charities, and preparing to become the future king of the United Kingdom. His biggest charitable focuses include the Prince's Trust, which he set up in the '70s to give microgrants to young people looking to start their own businesses. He is also a big advocate for conservation and was an early proponent of organic farming and focusing on sustainability.

Most of Charles's income comes from the Duchy of Cornwall, which was established in the 14th century to provide a private income for the Prince of Wales and can only ever be held by the sovereign's eldest son. The duchy produces a massive amount of money and last year brought in £19.5 million (about $33.3 million). Expenses related to Charles's official duties and nonprivate residences are paid for by the taxpayers. Last year, the government paid £2.2 million (or $3.7 million) for Charles's official expenses.

Image Source: Getty / Chris Jackson