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ReidMorgan ReidMorgan 9 years
Completely gorgeous!
unknown-17 unknown-17 9 years
i thought that was eva... weiird:S whys she soo .. u no
unknown-17 unknown-17 9 years
I LUV EVAAA!!! ROCKS MY SOCKSS!!;*... but wheres the smile.. i thought she liked mario more than tony.
prestige1 prestige1 9 years
you all sound crazy. if i want to be a lawyer, i do not need to be categorized as a black/Latin/Asian or whatever the category is lawyer. i am a lawyer. Jessica wants to be known as an actress. when she got the job she did not get it because she was a Latina. just like when a lawyer gets his or her degree, they did not get it because of their ethnicity. i grew up 11 years in my native country and don't know how to speak any of the 3 languages all i know is English. now in America, all i still know is English but i do understand my parents language. If Jessica wants to be called an American and not a Latina then she should be. besides this whole racial thing is a political thing because what we consider to be Indian in America is known as Asian in Europe, your race changes as you travel across the globe. an African American can will not go to Africa and be called a Black America, they will simply be called an American. so if you all want to get caught up in this racial stupidity be my guest. but know that it is just a political thing. look most if not all of the politicians they all have different strategies of talking to "racial groups" a white politician running against a black politician has to find ways to get black vote. my point is to just leave Jessica and her views because if we knew all celebrities views, we would hate most of them. and the issue about the black dress, I've seen many weddings that the bridal train wore black. there really isn't much to the dress color tradition. brides hardly even wear white. and besides a white dress means that she is pure and since we all know that Eva is not a virgin then who cares what the rest of the guest wear. Jessica is still hot and sexy with a body that i wish i had. so you all need to stop hating. and if you stopped liking her because of such a stupid comment, then you were not really a fan. a true fan remains loyal no matter what. just like a true Kobe fan remains loyal. because more celebrities have done worse things and said worse things, the press just has not heard or aired them.
crecchio crecchio 9 years
I didn't think that way before but it seems like she is always miserable lately. Like she is inconvenienced by everything.
steen steen 9 years
I think is Jessica is a snooty, snobby diva. She seems to think she's this fountain of undiscovered talent, that nobody can TRULY appreciate her and recognize her genius. She seems ungrateful to her fans, the people who made her famous, and she doesn't seem to appreciate the career she's chosen.
cupid21479 cupid21479 9 years
pily/tiabia...please don't get me wrong...i don't avoid spanish, when i travel to my father's home country that is all i speak, when i travel to my mother's home country of france, i only speak french...if i'm on vacation in japan i would have enough respect to try to learn that language also what people in this world forget is that we don't belong to a certain area of land on this planet, we belong to this whole planet...we are part of every ethnicity-every culture-every language-we are part of a whole...this attitude is very important especially when traveling or living in a foreign country i use my knowlegde of different languages every week to help others learn english, if i lived in spain i'm sure i would be helping others learn spanish... i have pride in what i am...a mut who is now an american...not a hispanic because of my last name or where i was born...and not french because of my mothers' heritage... ...i consider my being trilingual as a blessing...but i don't want to be categorized or have expectations put on me because of the way i look or of my family name....
cosmogirl cosmogirl 9 years
Beautiful! I love her!!!
kelly kelly 9 years
well to me she looks more latina than Cameron Diaz. Jessica Alba has the darker skin, full lips, dark hair, dark eyes and curvy body. That reads a whole lot of latina! So you have to "look" a certain way to be latino?!That makes nonsense at all.They are latinos who are black,white,mixed,indians etc... her parents are mexican and argentinian ,she learned to speak Spanish before English.SHE could say that she's more latina than Jessica!Enough wwith the stereotypes people.
Artemis Artemis 9 years
I have emigrated to my husband's native country, and although I would never want to deny or forget my own native language or my background, I fully understand why Cupid finds it annoying that people try to speak Spanish to her just because of the name on her credit card or her apperance. People here do not speak my language, but they almost always comment on how good I speak "their" language, and how well adapted I seem to their culture. Some also insist on speaking English, and I have had absurd conversations where I speak the local language and the natives consistently answer in (broken) English! I am also often asked which country I prefer, my own native country or my husband's country - the anticipation is always that I will prefer my "new" country..whereas I really find it an impossible question to answer. Of course, one could interpret all of this as a sign of positive interest, but it gets kind of annoying in the long run, especially after many years of speaking the language and feeling just as much at home here as in my native country. By the way, for me, this has nothing to do with inferiority vs. superiority (if anything, my native country would probably be ranked as "superior" to my adopted country), but simply with being fed up of categorisation or labelling on account of my appearance/name.
__nicci __nicci 9 years
"Chic as always" ^ Hardly !
fab4 fab4 9 years
I don't have an opinion regarding what everyone's commenting about so far. What I DO have an opinion about is this: Why does she look pissed in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE?
tiabia tiabia 9 years
I agree with pily. I don't understand not maintaining your original tongue. The none use of the original tongue sounds like a person is trying to dissociate themselves from their origins. America is a large melting pot, in which we can all live and be Americans, but different cultures are also celebrated and studied. You should not only love your American culture, but also your Africa, European, Asian, Latin, Native American, etc roots!!!!
pily pily 9 years
Hi Cupid, I respect you point, everyone has the right of their own opinion but still, I don't get one thing. If do you understand spanish, why you avoid it? Wouldn't it open your chances to speak or interact with more people? Isn't it like giving your back to people that turns to you for a little help? Maybe once, a long time ago, your parents asked for that help to someone too, think about it. And talking as a latina, I think you can keep the best of each culture, at the end it all makes you grow as a person.
aris4l aris4l 9 years
Calm down people.
cupid21479 cupid21479 9 years
i agree with jessica that we are judged by out ethnicity and "expected" to behave to those cultural norms... i have a spanish last name and physical features of which people have told me are a dead giveaway that i am not "white", does that mean that i need to consider myself anything but what i am, which is an American? Much like jessica's grandfather, when my parents and i moved to this country they did not allow any language but english to be spoken in the house, not because they were ashamed of their heritage, but out of respect for our new home...and also to better adapt and advance in our new culture... is it so wrong that although i understand the language i refuse to speak spanish to the lady that does my nails? every week i tutor women that have been in this country for DECADES and still somehow can't order a cup of coffee in many immigrants are so afraid to adapt out of fear that they will loose their culture, when in reality they are only depriving their own growth... MY POINT IS: although my mama and papa are not from this country, they moved here to enrich their lives...for more opportunities and a better education...yes i have an "ethnic look" and my last name is not Smith, but i grew up an American...watching Growing Pains and Charles in Charge, teasing my hair and rolling my multi-colored socks to match my earings, and yes...dancing to Paula Abdul's tape till it broke...MY culture is the AMERICAN culture, i watch american televison, eat american foods, and consider myself to be an please, don't start speaking spanish to me when you read the name on my credit card...
Rs-Ntl Rs-Ntl 9 years
oohh that's jessica ``i'm not latina´´ alba, since i knew that she said that about the latinas i can't stand her anymore, she can be cute and all that s**t but she has to be proud of her ethnic roots because that's something that she and anybody can change and she has to be mature and learn how to live with that, and i think that when the celebrities doesn't hide their ethnic roots the people value them more and take them more seriously, look at oprah, look at cameron diaz(that seems more american tha she does, and doesn't hide it), look at antonio banderas, penelope cruz, salma hayek...since that i just think that she's a b***h
tiabia tiabia 9 years
Well if we go by what she wants to be it's a "serious" actor...and she has yet to live up that!!!
amandad32 amandad32 9 years
Maybe she is just tired of being lumped together with all the "Latina actresses". I'm sure that gets frustrating having to be a "Latina", "Chinese" or "African-American" actor or actress. I don't think she is embarassed of her ethnicity, maybe she just wants to be known as an "actress". Why do we have to categorize everyone in this country? You have to fit some sort of mold and declare that on a regular basis, or people think you are embarassed to be yourself. I say let her be whatever she wants to be!
Libragirl Libragirl 9 years
Yes, I agree with Tiabia, Alba should be proud and have pride of her ethnic roots, not try to hide them. Jessica had commented that Cameron Diaz was more latina than she, well to me she looks more latina than Cameron Diaz. Jessica Alba has the darker skin, full lips, dark hair, dark eyes and curvy body. That reads a whole lot of latina!
pepperatstate pepperatstate 9 years
Chic as always.
tiabia tiabia 9 years
We are all Americans, but there is also a thing called having "pride" in your ethnic roots. Sounds like she's just trying to assimilate to me...she's made comments in regards to being picked on for having darker-skin as a child, and the likes...sounds like she wants to grow beyond being a "latina"...which is a shame, because I'm sure a lot of young latina girls were looking up to her.
Mary-Mary Mary-Mary 9 years
I really don't like all the Jessica bashing. She's right and so was her grandfather. This country is supposed to be a melting pot. When my father's parents came through Ellis Island from Russia, they already knew English and wanted to be "American". My mother's people came over with John Smith to Jamestown. God I hate saying this, but we've become a big country housing a lot of little countries internally. People who move here should have the desire to be American, not to use the American dream for their own nationality. Am I wrong?
vireland vireland 9 years
Love her hair and sunglasses.
davie-k davie-k 9 years
but I love the look she has!
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