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5 years
I love the new britney her looking good her make my day love to hear from you.
5 years
omg!!! she is so hot!!! phat??? absolutely!!! (p)retty (h)ealthy (a)nd absolutely (t)antalizing!! stop hatin and get a life that revolves around substance and not your own delusions. peace!
5 years
This woman is beautifull and her shape is even better, you envious people...
5 years
You "girls" are ridiculous. I use the term girls as I am an older woman who finds all of the fat comments so insane. She has a curvaceous, womanly body and looks incredible in her bikini. Just an fyi most men like curves, rather than the stick insect woman types. Another fyi, I am in great shape, work out and have curves too!
Nadia24gv Nadia24gv 5 years
Fat?! She had two kids via c-section. She will always have that little bit of skin on her belly. She looks great.
5 years
Sorry Butterflybaby, but we reserve the right to post both positive and negaitive comments. Get over it!
5 years
I swear the world is full of HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Get over it and as gram says if u dont got nothing nice to say......shut up!!!!
5 years
Absolutely agree - she is chunky!!!! Regardless of how much confidence she has to strut her stuff, when it comes down to it, her body is not really bikini material. She's not fat, she's athletic, which is all good and fine, but why try to look like a bikini model when you're not? Really, some people just look better in a one-piece, period.
L7amiguita L7amiguita 5 years
Seriously? You call that fat? I mean, yeah she's not super thin, but I would hardly refer to her as fat. I'm sure you must be a size 0.
Allucy Allucy 5 years
жырная!!!!! so Fat!!!
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