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kiera kiera 7 years
i like what shes wearing,but i dont really like her,theres something really annoying about her!
minx863 minx863 7 years
Love the shoes, dahling! But looks like the tan didn't reach all the way to the feet.
katygirlthing katygirlthing 7 years
slutty bitch! armpit cleavage! (actually, i have a little so whos talking here?)
love2camp love2camp 7 years
treb....great comment! I agree! she is gorgeous here!
AbbsLvsCelebs AbbsLvsCelebs 7 years
eww. i hate her, hideous. what is zac doing?
Delighted Delighted 7 years
Love the black dress and the hair. Great look.
treb treb 7 years
They look like armpits. But hey, we all have our thing. You hate armpit cleavage, I hate morons.
Karma-Co Karma-Co 7 years
sushi09 sushi09 7 years
Love her Jimmy Choos!! (those are jimmy choos, right?)
buffybot buffybot 7 years
Huh? How do they look like a bloodhound?
chellybean chellybean 7 years
trampy! i HATE armpit cleav, i know it's hard to avoid but her pits look like a bloodhound here.
steen steen 7 years
She's cute! I love how she uses her accessories.
lilgrasshopper lilgrasshopper 7 years
She is so gorgeous!! Zac is very lucky to have her!
crystaleust crystaleust 7 years
I love her dress and shoes, she looks great, very beautiful!
Kkkkkkkkkkk Kkkkkkkkkkk 7 years
"No wonder, zac is all ovet that girl" Yeah... but why the heck is she all over him?? Great dress, shame about the pose. It's a bit OTT.
TheDiamondC TheDiamondC 7 years
TheDiamondC TheDiamondC 7 years
cutey!! LOOOVE the shoes, the dress, the braclets, the hair.. everything!! No wonder, zac is all ovet that girl :-) Great job! Stay fab!!
incheto incheto 7 years
looking good