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huntedvampire huntedvampire 5 years
its 100 %! they are kissing! why on earth rob was going to lean that far! practicing theyre scene! lol! and thewy tried to hide it! look at kristen's knees blocking the view!
5 years
they are kissing! are you blind? why the hell rob gonna lean that far? im sure they are both wasted! lol!
rufflesism rufflesism 5 years
I dunno wat there doing. but if they are kissing there stupid for denying it.
5 years
if you look really clearly K's head seems to be touching R's neck showing that the might not be kissing and so i like the fact that its a Q. but K is sooo into R and i hate her for that becz she is still attached to micheal.
5 years
5 years
She's probably reading a text on her cellphone, and Robert probably looked at it. Kellan is also checking his phone. They could be sending texts to each other. Wow, friends texting each other at a concert because it's too loud for them to hear each other speak! Never heard of that one. C'mon now
5 years
Awwwwwww. So cute, but can't really see if they are just talking or actually making out. ? ? ?
5 years
OMG! If you say you can't see that they are ACTUALLY making out, I dunno, this state of denial is scaring, they are together people...period.
so_dipped_n_love so_dipped_n_love 5 years
can't see....
chriona chriona 5 years
disgusting popsugar!.. you ruined the damn picture with that logo of yours.. DUH!
5 years
As much as I wish they were kissing, after looking at this picture over and over I think she is just talking into his ear. She is facing forward and he is leaning over with his ear to her mouth. Otherwise, she would be kissing the side of his face because his other ear, the one that is facing towards us, is completely visible; meaning his other one is is where Kristen's mouth is...If they were kissing, you wouldn't be able to see his ear because since she is facing forward; he would've had to turn his whole head away from the camera angle and his ear would not be seen at all.
5 years
you are so lame...asking us to examine a picture that you ruined. why put your logo? like it isn't all over the internet this AM.... you are lame and thisclose from being removed from faves.
5 years
damn it! Can't tell!Too dark and that stupid label!!!!!!!!!
5 years have the photos to:) popsugars are better, they dont have the logo though/
5 years
lol is that kellan texting in the back? well idk anymore, im sure they are more than just friends!!
Lavender-Blue Lavender-Blue 5 years
Interesting! There was mention of more group outings. Summit may not be allowing Rob and Kris to go out by themselves. This is just more confirmation. I did not see any confirmed kissing, at least in pictures. I see a dating couple, which is what we all thought. This may be Rob and Kris's additional way to show they are a couple without saying anything.
white-rabbit149683 white-rabbit149683 5 years
i don't think i need to see a kiss as proof.their behavior in all the pics is doing it all the others seem pretty bored
5 years
i hope that they are kissing...i think it would be so awsome if they were...but you can tell theyre going out....i agree this is the money shot...except that dum logo makes it harder to look...
5 years
I dont see sh** mainly due to the watermark
5 years
If you look at how her neck is strained and how low her ear is and then look at Rob's neck and how he is turning his head more to Kristen, then they could be kissing. I want them to i love robsten, i still think they are on regardless. But this picture is the money shot.
5 years
if you see whitout the logo it seems that kristen is just looking something they put the logoas distraction andyou can see what they are really doing (nothing really)
beckkii beckkii 5 years
i have NO idea what the hell is happenning in the photo because of the watermark.
Monique91 Monique91 5 years
Yeah... that looks like they are but cant tell cuase the logo is on there
Asche Asche 5 years
If you would take the "POPSUGAR" logo off, we could actually see it. Actually, why do you even put your logo on it? This isn't your photo. If anything, you should have the logo of the photo agency you bought it from...
weezieh42 weezieh42 5 years
Now how can you tell they are doing anything with your tag smack dab in the middle?