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5 years
nope,its not ashley,remember she is wearing a white blouse...taylor is the one wearing a black sweater...
5 years
I think that's Ashley Greene whispering something to Nikki b/c if you look closely, her dark hair blends in with the dark room...and the shape of the face matches Ashley
5 years
#6 it looks like he's goin to take rob's cigs.
Humushaku Humushaku 5 years
Why does the guy in the red have his hand up there?
fangszilla fangszilla 5 years
kellan looks bored in almost every pic
5 years
Taylor and Nikki seem quite cozy together too
sandia sandia 5 years
@ Anonymous (2) Looks like Taylor is whispering something to Nikki.
5 years
what are the to people doing by the p?
Monique91 Monique91 5 years