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5 years
i don't think they will do that for publicity the twilight saga doesn't need anymore publicity, it has more than publicity enough and Michael is seen with other women very close so i think they broke up
Me-Myself-and-I489980 Me-Myself-and-I489980 5 years
She left her boyfriend...didn't she?
5 years
Do any of the people who see these pictures bother to think that it might all be a publicity stunt for the movies? They could be acting close to get people to talk about them. I love the saga and can't wait to see them all but come on people she does have a boyfriend and I doubt she would publicly cheat on him.
so_dipped_n_love so_dipped_n_love 5 years
seriously they're not even paying attention hahaha
5 years
interesting: if someoane will ask them about the concert, what they will answer???