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5 years
he's like"yeeeaaaah i will make love to you tonight" they always look so happy together and boy they have chemistry.i think they've been a couple since the first movie.seriously have you seen micheal around?he has been MIA for months now
TwilightVamp13 TwilightVamp13 5 years
HAHAHAHAHAHA TO NUMBER 4I fell outa my chair laughing!
5 years
how adorable so happy for these two they deserve each other. always believed in them from the start. they always seem to light each other up when the other is around. they look miserable with out each other U never see them smiling like they do when they are together. take care of each other kristen and rob
5 years
The look in Rob's face, Kris is telling him what she is going to do to him later at the hotel. LOL!
5 years
can't believe that someone with a on-line name like friendly can write such a Suck!!! Kristen is soo cute and cool!! I agree with Monique91 YOU ARE JEALOUS!!! LOL
Monique91 Monique91 5 years
Jealous much...
5 years
they look like two best friends..that are sleeping together,hehehe whatever, let them be. He looks happy, always smiling around her, that bitc* Face, she always looks constipated, need EX-LAX Stat!