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5 years
I love Jackson :D ..
5 years happy for them!! It's so cute how they sit sooooo close. They are leaning on each other in every pic......ahhhhhhh......we have all been waitin soooooo long for this. Still wish Kristen would try to look better than she has been lately.......she is a beautiful girl, she just needs to try to fix herself up more.
5 years
one thing for sure mike is out of the picture he is moved on. I think he know is was going to happen her and rob are so cute toghter. I relly don't think they are going to come out and say they are dateing. So utill than pictures are talling it all.
Monique91 Monique91 5 years
Lol... yeah you know its always about them.. cant help to talk
5 years
i know, everybody's looking at Rob/Kristen but Jackson is looking HOT in this pic.. omg :)