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vireland vireland 9 years
The title of this post should be "Britney and the girls"....NO THX BRITT!!!!!
the-vision-girl the-vision-girl 9 years
well that's a nasty way to draw our attention.
sibalc sibalc 9 years
PoohBare PoohBare 9 years
I'm thinking the dress is unzipped because it won't zip up all the way. She is just so nasty...
beachinit19 beachinit19 9 years
those poor babies
dawn2760 dawn2760 9 years
I guess all that fame and whatever else she does has gone to her head and has fried some brain cells!
sparkle5motion sparkle5motion 9 years
Whuh??....Is she flashing someone..ook what ever makes her sleep at night
Callis-mama Callis-mama 9 years
Sadly, I know someone who is exactly like this...they could be the same person. Nice side boob shot that she'll "act" like she didn't know she was showing. Pathetic.
killaajc killaajc 9 years
shee is just saying fuck you to the hundrend paps that are there she really doesnt give a fuck she is happy with who she is now she can careless what people think
wilma1 wilma1 9 years
msshellokitty I think she is desperate for attention
msshellokitty msshellokitty 9 years
What is wrong with her.She is desperate for attention.
paulawoods paulawoods 9 years
it can always get worst always especially with her -
paulawoods paulawoods 9 years
wtf no one wants to see it brit brit!
laurenash1984 laurenash1984 9 years
So was she trying to pull her dress out so we could see the side of her boob?
collard2568 collard2568 9 years
Hey YA'LL, I cannot find the keys to the trailer. I hope KFed did not come and drive it away while I was picking up my CIGS a the gas n' gulp. C'mon ya'll!!!!
Lill-McGill Lill-McGill 9 years
Well thats awkward.
roxi27 roxi27 9 years
Nice dress.
Rs-Ntl Rs-Ntl 9 years
i totally agree with you meera1993,if we're talking about britney it really can get even worse
meera1993 meera1993 9 years
now tell aris41 how manytimes u said that !!! she gets more gross everyday she can make it worse.. remember when she went bald i really thought she cant make it worse and then she did by walking around with her underwear soo seriously it can get worse
aris4l aris4l 9 years
OMG. She really CAN'T get any worse...can she? can she? CAN SHE?!?!?!?!
calamityjen calamityjen 9 years
WTF is she doing?? LOL.
Yoonyah Yoonyah 9 years
this can´t be true - it is white trash at its very best !!
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