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In Full Glory

Robert Pattinson stepped out as shirtless Edward Cullen while filming New Moon in Italy back in May this year.

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dudarocks dudarocks 5 years
ohh i wish rob´s body into my!!
5 years
Morrendo akii, quee perfeição aim *.* Muita beleza pra uma pessoa só Morrendo :D
5 years
pura maquiagem
5 years
Jesusssssssssssss...meu Deus que coisa mais perfeitaaa do mundo..
5 years
5 years
I want to have dirty sex with rob in my bed!! Kellan is not pretty at all he makes me fell afraid he is just too big
5 years
i dont like kellan he looks like a stripper! rob has a class and so gorgeous that makes him so hot!
5 years
#2 have you seen all of his pictures! he is so gorgeous! he is the most good looking guy in the hollywood. he has some pics looking like james dean!!! he is absolutely hot!! all of the man in the world are wishing to be rob becoz all of the ladies want him..LOL =)
biarose biarose 5 years
Maybe 'so many people love Rob, because he is not the typical guy with big muscles and abs and working out all the time' but that shouldn't make him a finalist in the shirtless bracket! This competition is about men who look good shirtless!
chile68 chile68 5 years
@ #2, That is why so many people love Rob, because he is not the typical guy with big muscles and abs and working out all the time, he is a normal guy, who happened to be handsome,talented and a nice guy too. :) I just love Rob, and I do believe he is a very attractive man . By the way I love working out :) :)
chriona chriona 5 years
#2 comment, whats with all the bitterness? your acting like a heartbroken cat looking for an approval that the world is sooo unfair, your'e so pathetic that it sounds like your talking about yourself in your comment, LOL!.. why even bother to look at rob's pictures of you dislike him, ???????????????.... xoxo!
5 years
What a great fake muscles.He hates working out.If he wins this match,i ouldn't be surprised.U obsessed fans- u are too much.U bite into everything that is robert. I hope,u'll wake up soon and find that he is just ordinary looking wtih a great sense of humor that makes him adorkable. NOT A GORGEOUS guy but an ordinary looking one.he does not even have a great body.Everybody in Hollywood must have a BIG question mark in their faces right now wondering why sooo many are going gaga after Rob.I think it's because ppl now could relate to Rob because most ppl are not really good looking and they flook up to Rob as their representative in Hollywood.At least someone who is ordinary looking could make it big in the movies.They could really relate o Rob because he hates working out and ppl outside the movies don't just work out either because they don't have extra money to pay membership fees in gyms or they simply dont have the time to work out because of family reasons.
5 years