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Jacqui Jacqui 8 years
Shytski dress. Shapeless and the colour is horrible with her skin tone.
girl6 girl6 8 years
She was looking so healthy at the beginning of the summer. Too many women in H'wood over-exercise and diet right before their show/film is about to start shooting. Who wants to voluntarily make their boobs disappear like that? Not a good look. It appears as though she got even smaller in between picking out that dress and going to this event. People should go w/the shape they're genetically mapped to be; it's always a better look.
elephantheart elephantheart 8 years
really cute dress.
girlfriday girlfriday 8 years
Jennifer looks gorgeous - although I prefer her hair dark brown. Now, if she could have only made sure her man (Jesse Spencer) was groomed too!