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Annonomous16 Annonomous16 5 years
i think Lady Gaga is really gorgeous, she does amazing performances. yes her lyrics may be a little naughty but she is still a good performer and singer. she has out there style that most wouldnt dare to try for the fear people may criticize and laugh at, but she doesnt care and that is what sets her apart from the rest and i give her credit for that . at least she doesnt go around shaking her ass, or taking peoples moments and ruining them like others do.
5 years
lady gaga is ridiculous,she is getting more distasteful every day...what the hell is she thinking,yeah yeah we all know she is ugly but she doesn't need to act like an ugly person and always hide behind her awful hats,glasses,etc...disaster!!
Berrymimi Berrymimi 5 years
i'm scared as well *hides behind nearest person*
niqua230 niqua230 5 years
lol lizzie_ttu
lizzie_ttu lizzie_ttu 5 years
I'm scared :(