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chriona chriona 5 years
rob is drunk?? hehe, he's looking at her like she's something to eat. hehe
TheCuttiex TheCuttiex 5 years
Finally she do something whit that hair of her cuz God.... At least now she lookf more girly and cute. I love her anyway with crazy hair or not but I'm so happy that she put it like that...gorgeus!!!!
5 years
Taylor not only presented himself well but he has impeckable taste in dress. Rob should get a clue he always looks sloppy. Kris honey dress your man.
5 years
ai te amo Robert sos lo mas lindoo   y re seductor que suer que tiene esta chica Kristen He aquí yo igualoy una Conocer Dentro de pocoo iupii   pero viejoo Va a ser: ( vaa igual Va a ser Hermoso
fangszilla fangszilla 5 years
the dress is very beautiful, hate the hair
5 years
I have to say Kristen, she looks super cute last night. The hair was adorable on her. Love her to pieces.
5 years
i hate her hair
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
she looks adorable with that hair
5 years
Ready for "New Moon" all 3 looked very nice last nite!
treasury treasury 5 years
@4 I have to agree. She's thin but not bony. She looks just lovely.
5 years
Santiephey, Hey, I agree with you, but I will say that it is only in this photo and not all the time. I think it's the cut of this dress. She looks amazing in it though because if I wore it I would look like a line backer. So, while her arms look slightly bigger than usual, they are still thinner than most people's would be in this dress. The dress is beautiful! I think I heard them say on TV it is vintage Valentino...and if not vintage I know it's Valentino. Girl has good taste! She always looks gorgeous whether she's dolled up or casual. Her hair looks great. I'm glad she finally styled it with the Joan Jett do. The short do compliments her beautiful facial features. I would like to point out how articulate Taylor Lautner is. Rob and Kris said their lines like 13 year olds but Taylor was very impressive. I know Rob and Kris are shy and that's okay, I would be too, for sure. But I'm just pointing out how poised Taylor is. I feel like people don't give him enough credit for anything when, especially in instances like this, he surpasses the others. It's probably because a lot of Twi-fans are older, like myself, so it's weird to be obsessed with someone so young and it is, in fact, illegal...ha. So most of us naturally let our obsession fall upon Rob; not for this reason only of course but it's a factor. Anyway, applauds for Taylor; I think he is a very well rounded kid that's going to go really far.
5 years
Santiephey- There is nothing wrong with her arms. There appears to be a problem the past few years with females in the industry looking too thin. These women are damned if they do and damned if they don't. Check out the real world, sweetie - chicks are not all size six. In fact, the going average for a woman's size is 14. So, please before you pass jugement on ANYONE - check yourself!
Helen-Sparkles Helen-Sparkles 5 years
They look all gorgeous! Kristen is cute!
5 years
kristen is transforming into a very beautiful lady..she's gorgeous in this her:)rob,your so adorable and taylor too
santiephey santiephey 5 years
kristen is cute...her legs are perfect she has big arms tho