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SweetBeats SweetBeats 8 years
Only Kate can wear this outfit and look stylish and adorable! Ryder is a total Mini-Kate
Those aren't True Religions.. I believe they're by Grass. Kate is beautiful!
Victoria225 Victoria225 8 years
Love the hat!
Pinkprincess13 Pinkprincess13 8 years
dax is one of the guys from Jackass!
spunkyk77 spunkyk77 8 years
kate is just gorgeous.
chunkymonkey chunkymonkey 8 years
I love the way they all look in the pic!
chailce06 chailce06 8 years
who that guy???? they seem odd couple
so_dipped_n_love so_dipped_n_love 8 years
i just love her...especially her style... it's the casual-i-don't-care-look but she manages to always look awesome :)
catixavi catixavi 8 years
Loved everything!!!! She's my hero!
lauriekhs lauriekhs 8 years
Who is this guy "Dax"? He looks dorky.
crystalvillage06 crystalvillage06 8 years
I love the twisted seam on True Religion jeans, and she looks adorable!
sarathacoombs sarathacoombs 8 years
of all the guys she could date (and that's pretty much anyone) why him?
any any 8 years
love her jeans and her son looks like her...
pinkcotton pinkcotton 8 years
True religions have seems like that
pinkcotton pinkcotton 8 years
True religions have seems like that
dolce-x-gabbANA dolce-x-gabbANA 8 years
i love her jeans!
AlliJean AlliJean 8 years
she is glowing!
divadina divadina 8 years
first, what's with the seam of her jeans? Second, I totally LOVE her look!