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JessaLee JessaLee 9 years
Meh, Pete is really self conscious, so naturally, he hides his face, hence usually seeing him in sweaters pulled over his face. Besides, he's an emo kid, they like to put their hair in front of their face. It's weird, but, it's like, part of some secret emo kid code. Ashlee looks REALLY bad. I just don't like her this way. She was much better before. Like, the way she looked in the "L.O.V.E" music video, that's the Ashlee I know, and that's the way I liked her!
cosmogirl cosmogirl 9 years
I agree with you elexticblue! And I love that dress on her. Her hair looks fine!
Green Green 9 years
They look happy though.
electricblue electricblue 9 years
HAHA I COMPLETELY AGREE. and she looks a little bit like hilary duff here. a little...
RosaDilia RosaDilia 9 years
That's to hide his fugly face!
catpoetess catpoetess 9 years
They are cute, I'll say it. But I can't fathom why ANYONE would intentionally style their hair so it was in their face the way he does. Like the wind is always assaulting him from behind. It would drive me nuts!
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