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XDTwilighterXD XDTwilighterXD 5 years
thats sooo ncie I'm happy joant jett was there it wass odd and unusaul but its cool they all look hppy and awsome >>love it!!
misslalala misslalala 5 years
Great cast... They look happy together. That's so nice to Joan Jett to be here with the girls...
5 years
I'm usually very critical of Kristen. But....not tonight she got it right Kristen looks great....this is the first time I actually like her hair, dress, and make-up. She is very pretty tonight. I do love that Joan Jett showed up to support Kristen. I'm sure it met a lot to Kristen.
5 years
you don't get much cooler than joan jett, kristen is the best,and so is joan!
5 years
I love that Joan jet showed up for this!! She's so awesome!!!