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Robert Redford posed with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston before the premiere of The Good Girl during the 2002 festival.

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reba506 reba506 4 years
The Good Girl was a great movie. Wish JA would do more films like that!
ElenaEv ElenaEv 4 years
Oh Brad Pitt when he was happy... (And to avoid the ugliness-no it wasn't a comment about Jen!)
pisang-goreng pisang-goreng 4 years
nice try popsugar, bring back the old useless corniness...
5 years
There are rumours that Jen wasn't actually AT Sundance with Brad, and that he had just brought a cardboard cutout of her face along with him that he had attached to his jumper.
tiabia tiabia 5 years
Brad Pitt and Robert Redford really do favor each other.
thebigheart3 thebigheart3 5 years
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh sweet memories........ thanxxx Jen and Jake are an old friends it's been like 10 years