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catixavi catixavi 8 years
Loved Vicky dress, but I'm not shure about Mel B. 'cause she's looking tacky, as usual...
Fixie Fixie 8 years
victoria looks good, but she's so skinny, that's scary!! i mean, hey doesn't she eat anything??
Daisya Daisya 8 years
posh looking fierce!
framboise framboise 8 years
That's a scary dress
HazeLiciouS HazeLiciouS 8 years
Lol... I like matching also, but THAT is just over doing it...Orange dress, bag, shoes n' skin....n' Mel ... U got on a summer dress n' fall accesories...despite the fashion mulfunction sometimes...I still like those 2 girls.
spaghetina spaghetina 8 years
Does anybody else find it slightly disconcerting that Posh's skin is the same color as the orange accents in her outfit? Holy orange, Batman!
fashionhore fashionhore 8 years
I am not enjoying Mel B's outfit. I think if you can wear a tank dress, you do not need the scarf (tightly wrapped I might add) and shiny red boots (totally different reason--plain ugly).
justlookaround justlookaround 8 years
don't like none of those outfits
ElectroPopTart ElectroPopTart 8 years
two of my idols =)
nina_e nina_e 8 years
I agree, this dress is really cute on Posh, and....nice bag, again And really what is this love affair Mel B has w/leopard? She's still hot
silly3 silly3 8 years
I don't know what it is, but I totally love this dress on Posh. She's really into the fall spirit! And I'm really glad her nipples aren't out to say hello - always good.