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RW-tara RW-tara 8 years
I don't like Angie's constant frozen fake smile. The other 2 women look so fresh and natural next to her.
Jewelhart Jewelhart 8 years
Angelina looks ridiculous.
youngest_sister youngest_sister 8 years
Hello, trippa, don't be so serious! This was just a quip!!
trippa trippa 8 years
And I didn't mean to imply there that I do think they look fat, I don't, if anything Angelina looks sickly.
trippa trippa 8 years
I think with all the amazing things these women do, and the challneges they have faced, the last thing they care about is if they look fat in a photo with Angeline Jolie.
youngest_sister youngest_sister 8 years
If I was on their place I would absolutely refuse to be photographed next to Angie, no way! No matter how fit you are you will look big as a house next to her!