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Kate Winslet attended the award show in 1998, when she was nominated for best actress. In 2009, she became the youngest actor to receive six Oscar nominations.

Image Source: Getty
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5 years
Man WTF is wrong with you people? Just GTFO then, damn.
5 years
Nominated Or Not??? What kind of post title is that? Lame, Pop...lame. Kate looked fabulous there. Her figure was killer back then (as is now, but in a different way). She definitely should have won the Oscar and not have lost out to Helen Hunt (who cranked out an incredible performance, but it did not surpass Kate's)... Love Kate!
redchick152 redchick152 5 years
she's like the new meryl streep. seems like every role is nominated. i'm completely ok w/ it too...i love kate!
5 years
there's no mistake,it says "In 2009 she became the younger actress with 6 nominations.." in 2009. Two diferent phrases... Love Kate!
She was gorgeous then and is even better now!
5 years
ummmm, that picture of Kate Winslet if from 1998 when she was nominated for Titantic, which was her second nomination
5 years
dear popsugar, kate winslet was nominated for best actress in 1998, her second oscar nomination. sorry to point out your mistake.