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LeilaRioBrazil LeilaRioBrazil 4 years
Your marketing is excellent, Rob. Great for you. I wish Kristen's had a good one, too !!! She's doing such a good job but all the press writes about her is so cruel. As I saw her on your premiere couldn't believe it. It was amazing! That's what friends do for each other. I really hope you will come to Toronto to support her too. Our fans from Brazil wish you all the best.
Minute27 Minute27 4 years
Robert is a true European. He is blessed with such a classic and beautiful face. Love him!
4 years
Should be illegal!!!!
4 years
omg he looks so hot in that costume :O
Melly80 Melly80 4 years
nicklover nicklover 4 years
I've never seen anything more beautiful than Robert dressed like that! DAMN! He looks fiiiine!