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dana-stewart dana-stewart 5 years
hahahaha :) this pic is so funny
jerk jerk 5 years
good to see that you were having fun...even though Rob was not there.
buffybot buffybot 5 years
I must admit it looks like "boo haters" to me but she's still hot.
huntedvampire huntedvampire 5 years
she's sooo cool!
5 years
HAHAHAHAHA you stupid people, like SHE CARES!
mlicairac mlicairac 5 years
Woooohoooo for Kristen! She looks fab! :)
5 years
I doubt she's booing anyone on a red carpet. It looks more like a "wooooooooo hoooooooo"...LOL!
5 years
oh yeah jaha boooo hater epic
melesa melesa 5 years
loool she's like booooooo haters :D I LOVE HER