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della-vaddin della-vaddin 5 years
yesyesyes!!! of course... they're cute, but i'm still team robsten :)
jerk jerk 5 years
aww!! good to see that her brothers were there.
vanzalicious vanzalicious 5 years
agree!! cute, but robsten all the way! =q
mickee mickee 5 years
I second you #15. Love them both, but I'm still on team Robsten:P
5 years
They are cute. I love her so much.
5 years
I think thats her brother's finger. Look at the colour of the sleeve of the jacket, its black as! Taylor's jacket doesn't look too black! Look at the other photo which shows her brother clearly in the pic with them. His jacket is the same colour with the arm sleeve of the person with the finger lol. and look at Taylor's suit colour.
5 years
It looks like shes looking at someone else standing next to Taylor, shes not looking at Taylor, so that might not be Taylor's finger on her chin.
5 years
so sweet and cute...they are amazing love kstew!!
5 years
Aww they have such a special bond. I kinda wish she was dating Taylor instead of Rob. He genuinely cares for her. {peep Emma Roberts hanging on to Taylor's sleeve. the claws are OUT!! LOL}
5 years
Awwww! They're bond is so sweet. He cares for her so much... I wish she was with him and not '"supposedly dating" Rob. {meanwhile Emma Roberts (blond next to him) is hoping to get her claws into Taylor now that Swift is outta the picture LOL}
huntedvampire huntedvampire 5 years
she's like taylor take your hands off me! rob's gonna punch your sorry face! lol! but its cute! kinda.... wish it was rob...
amandapandabear amandapandabear 5 years
awww, she looks like a little girl poutin' for her apple juice :D
esmeme esmeme 5 years
lol how funny.. but cute
SooyoungLOVER SooyoungLOVER 5 years
Funny.And cute :)
5 years
ahhaha....she is like dude what are you doing!?....
Stewson Stewson 5 years
She is looking at him like Dude, what do you think you are doing? Stop playing up to the cameras already.
santiephey santiephey 5 years
lol, wonder what they're talking about
5 years
kristen is like ok taylor that's enough take your hands off or i'm gonna cut it
melesa melesa 5 years
awwwwwww that's so cute