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della-vaddin della-vaddin 5 years
when mother met her daughter. LOL
5 years
Jodie and Kristen are great! This is a really funny picture. Jodie was my college graduation speaker :)
jerk jerk 5 years
i love this picture, its so cute. I bet she was telling her to keep up the good work and don't take your haterz seriously.
5 years
Jodie is great role model for her. Love them both.
5 years
kstew is so sweet and naturally gorgeous... love kstew!this picture is amazing...haha
5 years
Jodie: I told you to stop with this "I don't care attitude" or you're going to remain under scrutiny Kristen: {thinking} what the hell lady?? I know you played my mom in a movie, but come one!!?? Its Oscar night, do you have to lecture me now?
huntedvampire huntedvampire 5 years
yeah jodie treats her like her own daughter..... nice... love you too jodie!
Robsten---WorthFightingFor Robsten---WorthFightingFor 5 years
#4; LOL, I have a feeling that the conversation is turning that way. Poor Kristen is just standing trying not to roll her eyes . . . Is Jodie scolding her or something?
mlicairac mlicairac 5 years
"I thought I told you young lady..." LOL! Cute.
Minute27 Minute27 5 years
Jodie is probably telling Kristen to make sure Robert treats her like a queen. =)
Stewson Stewson 5 years
What in the world is she saying to her?!
flyowsley flyowsley 5 years
Ha, I love this shot.