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della-vaddin della-vaddin 5 years
OW!!! Vera Wang!!!
5 years
Its funny to see Kristen at this function. its obvious she stayed away from the crowd and hung out by the bathroom, where she didn't mingle much. She'll always be true to herself and remain the same person who's not all into the hype, and that makes her character beautiful. Screw those who say she should be someone else (i.e. bubbly and chatty). I applaud her for just being Kristen!
5 years
omg! LOL maybe they are discussing detail for the breaking dawn wedding dress???? :)
huntedvampire huntedvampire 5 years
adorable kstew!
Robsten---WorthFightingFor Robsten---WorthFightingFor 5 years
I love both of them! I wish I could meet both!
5 years
Vera Wang is probably planning what she will put on Kstew!! Vera: Great body great face..I must use her on my next show!!! LOL
5 years
i bet they were discussing about wedding gown...hehe
lullavonn lullavonn 5 years
ah I'd love to meet Ms Wang!
mlicairac mlicairac 5 years
Awesome! That IS Kristen with Vera Wang!! :)
5 years
Oooh... did Kristen meet Vera Wang?