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della-vaddin della-vaddin 6 years
soooooo kristen!!! ;)
dana-stewart dana-stewart 6 years
Cinderella lost her shoes.:)
twinklemee twinklemee 6 years
Just... Please people, leave her on her own. You love her or hate her, maybe it's your own business but don't you think that bad things that you've said 'bout her might be hurt her? or her families?? or her friends??? If you hate her or don't like her, my advice is don't read and watch her news so you can't leave any comment, just stay away from her... let her be what she want... God, I'm sick of this..
vanzalicious vanzalicious 6 years
barefoot at the oscar party? that sure is a kristen thing to do. lol
mickee mickee 6 years
Why do some people want her to be classy? if jeans and t-shirt and sneakers make her happy and comfortable then let her be, right people? hahah. 2comments, oppps!
mickee mickee 6 years
She's just not comfortable with high heels, how hard is that to understand? And Kristen once told to an interview that she looks angry all the time so the paparazzi will scare 'cause they always harass her. For those haters, if you don't like her, then go away don't bother to see her pic and leave a load of crap when you see her super perfect face:P haha, accept it, it's killing you right?!
Katyj Katyj 6 years
Why do you think she seems miserable? Because she doesn't demand attention and isn't comfortable answering personal questions to strangers? I think she seems very happy, intelligent, mature, and reserved. There's nothing wrong with that.
huntedvampire huntedvampire 6 years
she's really one of a kind!!! you go girl! you really deserve everything! love you kstew!!!
Kristen-is-hot Kristen-is-hot 6 years
I want to marry her ,just love her ,you go Kristen you well be my baby and soon ,so rob don't come back she will be with me soon.
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