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tatytulove tatytulove 8 years
i like alicia... better... than jess, she said she doesn't like to be call "Latina"
so_dipped_n_love so_dipped_n_love 8 years
i love Alicia's figure and she's very attractive in the face too!
mhoang mhoang 8 years
i want jessica's skirt
SweetBeats SweetBeats 8 years
They're both lovely but Jessica's looking like a bit of a librarian in that outfit
celeb_obsessed25 celeb_obsessed25 8 years
I love Alicia's hair
prinzes3006 prinzes3006 8 years
They're both super cute :)
angelina8023 angelina8023 8 years
Wow!! I haven't seen Alicia look this good in a while! Love the whole look!
Martini-Rossi Martini-Rossi 8 years
Alicia is killing that dress! Love her!
Merlin713 Merlin713 8 years
Both very pretty. But, I like Alicia better. :-) Even in that weird dress.........