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Morticia Morticia 9 years
lilyj lilyj 9 years
It's like She and Liv got together and decided to come as Good and Evil...
ennaoj74 ennaoj74 9 years
she looks wonderful, chic and pulled together and very berkin"esque" , great great great
ktonic158 ktonic158 9 years
petitlapin, good call on the 90s! it's not my favorite look, but if you can make 90s business chic enough to wear at this event, then rock out.
luckystarr luckystarr 9 years
That's an outfit a 50-year-old would wear. Not a youngish model.
luckystarr luckystarr 9 years
Frumpy, frumpy. She looks messy and very un-sexy. Yuck.
Smithers Smithers 9 years
I have never understood why this one is a 'supermodel'. I never saw the appeal, and still don't.
lilsyd328 lilsyd328 9 years
love it.
kookykoko kookykoko 9 years
her hair looks beutiful now. its frames her face so well. good choice of blazer aswell.
PetitLapinVegan PetitLapinVegan 9 years
C'est magnifique! Reminiscent of Kate circa 1997, but still très nouveau. The androgynous blazer brilliantly compliments the rest of the silk ensemble. And with those bangs- Jane Birkin (not to mention good friend Irina Laz) would most certainly approve!
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