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5 years
she is a cute little girl, but there's just something about her that i can't put my finger on that kind of bothers me a little..... i think it's her eyes... i think maybe they are too close together for the size or shape of her head. if you look at this picture you can see what i'm saying, this is the first time i've ever realized it, and it was this picture, the view of her straight on that made me realize. i wonder if she gets that from her dad?? nicole has pretty eyes from what i remember? who knows tho, maybe they will start to look different as she gets older and her face shape changes or she loses baby fat or whatever it is that happens to kids sometimes when they are ugly babies that turn into adorable kids... not saying that she's ugly, just saying that sometimes there are UGLY BABIES that end up being really cute as they grow up and stuff shifts and changes. although i dont know if her eyes are gonna change shape or position, she might just have to wait til mommy lets her get some plastic surgery....