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tatytulove tatytulove 8 years
PinkNC PinkNC 8 years
That looks like a 1990's prom dress. This 2007 almost 2008.
Karma-Co Karma-Co 8 years
Its like James Blunt never changes his clothes... Its always that leather jacket, those shoes, worn jeans and a print shirt.
angelaminx angelaminx 8 years
whats going on in the top of the dress... it looks kinda padded.
diy diy 8 years
the dress would have been perfect if it had been alittle below the knees...And maybe alittle more fitted in the waist and hips...that colour is electric!
mhoang mhoang 8 years
i'll take the dress
Icarehow Icarehow 8 years
You're beautiful, is you, NOT ALL THE TIME James Blunt, I actually think half the time, you look like a psychotic serial killer. But today, you look fine. And Christina, I'm not feeling that dress.
ThatsRight ThatsRight 8 years
Oh man, poor Christina....she looks AWFUL!!!! Worst fitting dress EVER!!