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kiki219 kiki219 7 years
she's trying to adopt? weird! she'll regret it a few months later. but i do like the dress... not so flattering on her.
incheto incheto 7 years
and paris wants so bad to have a child,because everyone in hollywood is having one,so she can adopt his baby and they will be the perfect
Ed_Is_On_86 Ed_Is_On_86 7 years
omg! its nicholas tse!!!! he's married, and just had a baby boy! hes a hong kong singer, very popular over there!
cosmogirl cosmogirl 7 years
I really like the dress. but it looks horrible on her.
incheto incheto 7 years
they are so meant to be with each other
darlene darlene 7 years
not liking the dress