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6. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt kicked off the year in the midst of a promotional tour for Inglourious Basterds. He skipped out on the big award seasons red carpets, but that gave Brad more time to jet-set with partner Angelina Jolie and their six kids. The Jolie-Pitts traversed the world from LA, to France, and on to Italy, where they've spent the last few months settling in as Angelina filmed The Tourist. The months free from work allowed Brad to experiment with his facial hair, which most of you weren't exactly loving. Still, we know underneath that beard his legendary hotness remains and will hopefully return once he starts filming his next movie.

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now you have to deffend you woman, jackass!
anonn anonn 4 years
Yummmm I love Brad . Always have, always will . Angie sweetheart you are soooo fortunate or in you'r and Brad's case you are both very lucky to meet when you did., become a couple. Every thing you two touch today turns to gold. Niceeeeeeee.. Possibly b/c both of you are good ppl and give so much of yourselves to other ppl , or other causes. so in turn...... good comes back to you. hugs and luv to you and Angie.
glory66 glory66 4 years
Beautiful and successful people,like Brad Pitt himself deserve only admiration and no one word to speak about their personal style or way they lead their lives.Especially if they keep their own family together and trying to reach out to every event takes a hand in need. I love his movies and hope to see much more in the future. Thanks
4 years
brad pitt and angelina is my most favorite hollywood super couple!!!! I really admire them both as artists and as parents to their six children....I love brad pitt my god!!!!...he's totally a timeless icon..
5 years
I admire Brad for the father he is to his children. I hope that in his next movie he doesn't have to fake an accent. Inglorious Bastards was a so-so movie, in my humble opinion. I love to see him in Oceans-but how many of those can he do? He is still a handsom man and a caring person. Why is he expected to donate to the Gulf oil mess?? Costner has a machine that can help so thank goodness for that! I get annoyed when I read comments about how he has a house in New Orleans and so he SHOULD be moved to get involved. The houses he made after Katrina are critizied, his relationship is watched sooo closlely, how he wears his beard, etc. Why do others feel they have the right to tell him what to do with the money he has earned?? I finally read an article on another relationship that was not snow white- Elizabeth and Burton. No one can dictate what love is or should be-so there! THank you Brad for your role in THELMA and LOUISE-you were so yummy! Best of all good things to you and tours. I am a faithful fan.
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