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Carmen3 Carmen3 8 years
HE'S A SON OF A ****!!!!
Immpuls Immpuls 8 years
I love him! He's the fucking king of Albion.
JudyG JudyG 8 years
Pete Doherty is a brilliant musician! I bet 90% of the people slagging him off havent even heard one of his songs. He is a poet.
blondambitionist blondambitionist 8 years
He is so gross. Why is he even famous? Babyshambles isn't making the concert rounds and he and the KMoss are done. I don't get it.
Karma-Co Karma-Co 8 years
nicoletta nicoletta 8 years
gross--his teeth are so nasty--can you imagine his breath?
marga marga 8 years
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