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Aeroluver916 Aeroluver916 7 years
Vanessa is such a brat and she is ugly and not hot like she thinks she is!
keio keio 7 years
Vanessa is such a poser. She didnt dress like this couple of months ago!
sugarrr sugarrr 7 years
hahah they think they are so hot and stylish. They wear such plain clothes
MiSsXaTzHgIaNiA MiSsXaTzHgIaNiA 7 years
yes!!Vanessa looks sooo good
cosmogirl cosmogirl 7 years
Vanessa looks so gorgeous, and I love that bag!!!!!!!!!!!
nikh nikh 7 years
incheto incheto 7 years
yes she does
Carmen3 Carmen3 7 years
Vanessa looks sooo good
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