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5 years
So you know her and Pitt personally to be able to say all that about her and them? In case you hadn't noticed, ALL actors/actresses are concerned to some extent about their looks - it's part of their job to be. There is nothing about Jen that indicates she is more concerned than anyone else, in fact since she isn't messing with her face like many actresses around her age, I would venture to say she is less so. And you're fooling yourself if you don't think PItt is concerned about esthetics as well - it's not like he's unfit nor has he ever been linked to unattractive women.
5 years
OK so she is a fitness workout freak. Dieting, working out, hair etc etc. This is one of the reasons why Brad got fed up. She is obsessed with her looks and all else comes second to her. Jen needs to lighten up. All that beauty and couldn't and can't keep a man!