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kgoodl1021 kgoodl1021 9 years
Ok, I used to LOVE me some Val. But, he looks like when they take a young actor and they apply makeup to them to make them look old, except that it's his real face. I mean we are all aging all the time, but when you don't really see him for years and then when you do he looks 10 years older it's a bit of a shock. He didn't look like that in Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang though and that was a recent flick. Is he sick?
CJaneTyp CJaneTyp 9 years
Mother Fletcher... hahaha. I think he's married though. Maybe some BOTOX.
mother-fletcher mother-fletcher 9 years
V is for vagina. Something Val hasn't gotten in quite some time.
sarathacoombs sarathacoombs 9 years
What happen to Val. He's looking......strange (to be polite)
lindaloo lindaloo 9 years
Love me some Dylan M!
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