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aprild aprild 6 years
Very pretty dress
Indrah Indrah 6 years
Love the dress
fuen fuen 6 years
Beautiful dress!!
lala89 lala89 6 years
gorgeous dress!!
whereisdianne whereisdianne 6 years
i love her dress. she looks beautiful in it!
saritabonita saritabonita 6 years
;im jealous
meowtomekitty meowtomekitty 6 years
fiu fiu! pretty lady!
mariserin mariserin 6 years
i like it though, i think its pretty
mariserin mariserin 6 years
she looks beautiful but her clavicles and shoulders kind of scare me. also, shes wearing a bracelet chellybean. its apparently "in," though, to go neckless-less
chellybean chellybean 6 years
Also - none of the ladies wore any accessories! Weird.
chellybean chellybean 6 years
WOWZA! This look is white hot. Rawr.
juliegal juliegal 6 years
ditto her dress looks gorg
sladjipadji sladjipadji 6 years
she stars on abc's october road as aubrey...and i love her dress.
buffybot buffybot 6 years
I don't know how this is but her dress is gorgeous!