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2010 Golden Globe Nominations: Snap Judgments

After waking up bright and early to scan the list of Golden Globe nominees, I've spent the better part of my day ruminating on this year's chosen films, actors, and actresses. While many of the picks were easily predictable, I also had my fair share of surprises — both good and bad. Here are a few of my musings:

  • I'm so happy to see both Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick nominated for their supporting roles in Up in the Air — Clooney is fabulous, but both of these ladies are integral parts of what makes the film so great.
  • Glee! The delightful freshman comedy walked away with a few nominations, and I'm most excited to see Jane Lynch up for supporting actress. Lynch has been establishing a career as a character actress for years, and she finally hit pay dirt with Sue Sylvester.
  • Raunchy gets rewarded! It's pretty rad to see the funniest movie of the year, The Hangover, up for Best Musical or Comedy.
  • I'm pleased to see a wide range of people in the directing category, particularly The Hurt Locker's Katherine Bigelow. However, I'm surprised to see Precious's Lee Daniels shut out — especially in favor of James Cameron.
  • I have good and bad feelings about the Best TV Comedy category; while I'm so happy to see new shows Modern Family and Glee get recognized, I feel like The Office and Entourage were grandfathered in. Especially when there was no love for Parks and Recreation in any TV category.

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  • Were women really not that funny in movies this year? The Proposal was a fun movie, but Sandra's performance wasn't amazing. What about Maggie Gyllenhaal in Away We Go or Leslie Mann in Funny People?
  • (500) Days of Summer was the dark horse, as the indie romance scored nods for both the adorable Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Best Musical or Comedy. I guess you all know something too — it's winning my Best Little Move That Could poll.
  • I feel like I have double vision this year — Matt Damon, Meryl Streep, and Sandra Bullock all received two nominations each. All these actors had a good year, but I think Damon's performance in The Informant! is stronger than his in Invictus, and where he really has a good shot.
  • Last year there were only three films up for best animated film, so to see five rounding out the category reinforces what a good year it was for them. I especially love seeing two of my favorite films of the year competing: Fantastic Mr. Fox and Up.
  • Sherlock Holmes only scored one nod, for Robert Downey Jr. I wonder if this means the movie itself isn't that great.
  • Inglourious Basterds has been garnering award nominations like crazy lately, and I'm loving it. It's always a treat to see a movie that breaks the mold of typical awards fare get love.
  • I'm disappointed there was almost no recognition for Where the Wild Things Are. Props to Karen O. and her lovely score, though, which did get nominated.
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