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All the Globes Moments You Want to See

Jan 14 2014 - 2:46am

The Golden Globe Awards may be over, but there are moments we want to see again! The shenanigans got started on the red carpet, where Jennifer Lawrence [1] accidentally crashed Taylor Swift [2]'s interview and Elisabeth Moss [3] flipped off the infamous Mani Cam. Once the show got started, Tina Fey [4] and Amy Poehler [5] had us in stitches from the get-go with their opening speech, which included a hilarious Julia Louis-Dreyfus [6] cameo. Are you dying to see the rest of the laugh-out-loud moments from the show? Scroll down, because we've got them all below!

Source: NBC [7]

Randy, aka Mr. Golden Globes, Made a Hilarious Cameo

And Thought Idris Elba Was His Dad

Tina and Amy WENT THERE With Leo

And His Reaction Was Priceless

Orlando Bloom Made This Face

Matt Damon Was Called a "Garbage Man"

Amy and Tina Called Out Julia Louis-Dreyfus . . .

. . . and Then This Happened.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Were There

Aziz Ansari Lurked in the Background Behind Sofia Vergara

Jennifer Lawrence Was Up to Her Old Tricks

Amy Poehler Messed Up Tom Hanks's Name

And Tom Hanks Reacted Like This

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Rejected Reese Witherspoon

Amy Poehler Introduced Jennifer Lawrence as Herself

Amy Also Had Extra Support During Her Category

Emma Thompson Just Didn't Even Care Anymore

This Happened When Julia Louis-Dreyfus Went Back to the "TV Side"

Tina and Amy Were OWNING It on Stage

Lena Dunham Made an Amazing Red Carpet Face

Amy Poehler Full-On Made Out With Bono

Robert Downey Jr. Joked About Greta Gerwig's Name

Leo Reveled in His Victory

Elisabeth Moss Flipped Off the Mani Cam

Tina and Amy High-Fived on Their Own Joke

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