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The 14 Hottest Moments From the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie — in GIFs

Jun 1 2015 - 2:30pm

Fifty Shades of Grey came to theaters in Feburary, giving us a racy, sexy, steamy adaptation of the wildly popular book series, and this week, it's back on our mind with the news that E.L. James is writing a new book from Christian's perspective [1]. What better time to revisit the sexiest moments from the movie? You have to admit: even if you never read the books [2], the movie is a hot, wild ride. Keep reading, and treat your ears to every song from the film's excellent soundtrack [3].

This Quintessential Christian Grey Closet

This Literal Pants-Dropping Moment

This Anticipation

This Hardcore, Slightly NSFW Moment

This Shirtless Unveiling

This Steamy Elevator Scene

This Smoldering Gaze

This Sensual Kiss

This Unbelievable Shirtless Shot

This Moment of Calm Before the Storm

This Flawless Shirt Removal

This Intense Buildup

Everything About This Brief Bathroom Glimpse

This Shocking Finish

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