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90210 Recap: Episode 11, "That Which We Destroy"

90210 Rundown: Episode 11, "That Which We Destroy"

Last time we saw Annie and Naomi, they were hurling insults at each other outside Annie's party when a handsome young man dressed in uniform approached and formally introduced himself as the son of Harry and Tracy. So on this week's 90210 we land right back on that doorstep, with both girls introducing themselves to the new guy as his sisters.

And if all the drama between Annie and Naomi weren't enough, we get some grown-up BFF drama from Brenda and Kelly, who are back on screen together and suddenly fighting (Brenda comes off extremely poorly in this episode, don't you think?). So while the ladies huff and puff and tear each other down, Dixon quietly broods and deals with the entrance of a new "brother" in his own way. Let's talk about it! Just


  • Wow — the Naomi/Annie feud is super-vicious. I mean, it gets physical at times, which seems scary to me.
  • Annie pokes fun at Naomi's Uggs (oh snap!), while Naomi tells Annie she should wear heels but has no recommendations for her face (ouch!). Annie's then stumped in terms of a snappy come-back.
  • Ethan is highly disturbed by this "new" Annie who is mean to Naomi, which brings me to my first question: Did we really know the old Annie? Annie declares to Silver that the "real" her is nerdy and nice and doesn't know how many kids Brad and Angelina have, which is all news to me. Basically, it was a little hard to swallow Annie's drastic change when we don't really know what makes her tick (besides boys) to begin with.
  • But back to the new brother for a moment. Tabitha thinks his profile is stunning and asks why he joined the military ("Are you one of those patriotic Americans I've heard so much about?").
  • The new guy, Sean, is so clean-cut and nice that I was totally prepared for him to be sinister — how about you guys?
  • Ethan and Annie together are not as cute as they think they are: "Hey girlfriend!" "Yes boyfriend?" "We're so together we're like Siamese twins!" Ugh, shoot me.
  • I do like Naomi's initiation into her new Heathers-esque group of friends. Is it just me, or are Naomi's new friends the best dressed characters on the show? Regardless, here's hoping this new clique leads to murder, like in the movie.
  • Poor Kelly. She comes across as a little pathetic in terms of her friendship with Brenda. And Brenda is so mean! She basically tells Kelly to get a life and stop trying to be her good friend.
  • Well, come to find out that's Brenda pushing Kelly away. Because she slept with Ryan. Kelly's really mad. But I'm so confused! What are/were Kelly and Ryan? He wanted to date her, she said no. I don't get it.
  • Uh-oh. Looks like a super cute cheerleader has her eye on Dixon. Silver will not be pleased. And does that cheerleader really call him the school's very own Jackie Robinson?
  • So does Annie become a mascot to show Ethan that she's back to her old self? Is that the "old" Annie? Someone with a lot of school spirit?
  • Sometimes Naomi's mom's eyes really scare me. She's a frightening woman. No wonder the new son wants out of her mothering death grip.
  • Harry really does ignore Dixon the whole time. Poor Dixon.
  • Finally, Adrianna goes to a sporting event against her own will and barfs when she smells a hot dog. I love hot dogs! But my real point here is: Where was Navid? Did she barf because she's pregnant? Did she and Navid have sex and I missed it?

What did you guys think?

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