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90210 Recap: Episode Four, "The Bubble"

90210 Rundown: Episode Four, "The Bubble"

Welcome back, 90210 fans! What did you think of last night's episode? I have mixed feelings myself. There were moments last night when I was totally drawn in, and other times when I just cringed.

I was also confused by certain plot points. Such as: Why is Ryan the teacher destroying his relationship with Kelly before they even have a relationship? And why is Annie wound up so tight about guys? She just moved to this new Zip code. I feel like she should take a breath and survey the land. Oh, and was it weird that this episode was completely not racy? There was absolutely nothing illicit going on at all.

Thumbs up, though, to the return of Grandma Tabitha and the revealed identity of Kelly's son's dad! Ready to chat about it? Just


  • I still get a kick out of Brenda and Kelly talking about the old 90210 characters, like when they have coffee and bring up Donna and her baby.
  • Speaking of Brenda — when she meets Kelly in the school cafeteria for coffee, she reminisces she can still hear, "Donna Martin graduates! Donna Martin graduates!"
  • The writers gave Tabitha some nutty lines last night, including one about acting being breathing from your rear end and reaching the skies . . . or something?
  • How'd you like Naomi's pouty family Christmas card photo shoot? Is it just me, or were her hair and dress totally '80s in that scene?
  • Even though Dixon has a really straightforward story right now, I still can't help but like him. Same with Silver. Maybe it's because both actors know how to handle this kind of soapy material without overacting. Regardless, they are easy to watch and relate to, and their little blossoming relationship is so far the most authentic to me.
  • Which brings me to Annie, who is extremely boy crazy. She dumps Ty for Ethan why, again? And goes back to Ty because she realizes . . . Ethan doesn't like her? And she does it with snickerdoodles? Kinda hard to root for this one.
  • Then there's Ryan, who is constantly worried about Kelly's ex and pumps Brenda for the information. Why is he so worried when they've hardly been on one date? I'm so confused.
  • And the daddy is . . . drum roll please . . . Dylan McKay! Who's apparently a "do-gooder" now doing charity across the globe. Hooray for the end of that mystery, and hopefully for the end of awkward pronouns.
  • Did you enjoy Naomi's soft side with Ethan's brother? I thought that was kind of a cheesy moment.
  • Ack! Grandma Tabitha singing! I was scared, and then in heaven, and then scared again. So hilarious, even though I'm not totally positive it was supposed to be. Oh and raise your hand if you're already tired of that Spring Awakening song. Maybe they couldn't get the rights to any others?
  • Nat is still so cute. I loved his line about a "good egg" from the same high school who used work there. Sigh — Brandon. Loved him.

So Ethan and Naomi are going to take their relationship "day by day," Silver and Dixon will go on a date, and Annie got Ty back. We also learned a little bit more about why Silver hates Naomi so much, and about Naomi's Malibu beach house where her father's lover is now moving in. That was about it — kind of meh. I think next week is going to really steam up, but I feel like this show needs more SoCal in it or something. Maybe a pool party or more beaches.

What did you think about the episode? So far so good for the show, or do you hope it improves? Who are your favorite characters so far?

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