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90210 Recap: Episode Six, "Model Behavior"

90210 Rundown: Episode Six, "Model Behavior"

Last night's episode of 90210 brought cast members who usually never have a reason to share the screen together through the powers of a fashion show. This week's Gossip Girl also centered around a fashion show, but there's no talk of socialites or Marc Jacobs nor appearances by Michael Kors or Tinsley Mortimer in the Beverly Hills version. Instead, we get teachers, drama instructors, school principals, and pervy-looking older men hitting on teenagers. It felt kind of lame in comparison, no? That is, until the punching started. That part was exciting.

Also, the episode sets up what I'm assuming will become a little hiatus for Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty from the show. Boo! Are you as nervous as I am for the training wheels to come off? Can this show stand alone without the old cast and references to the original 90210? Let's discuss — just


  • Shannen Doherty was only signed up for four episodes, so I guess Brenda's gone for a while — but the show left things so that she could come back. So maybe she will? I'm already going through withdrawal!
  • And Kelly's going to see Dylan for two weeks, so I'm thinking aside from Nat we're really going to have to watch this show without the old 90210 drama. I just don't know if I can get excited about this.
  • But I'm getting ahead of myself. Things just started getting good between Kelly and Brenda with the Dylan love triangle reignited. I still don't think Luke Perry will return to the show because of his other commitments, but you never know.
  • Also, how'd you like Brenda moving in on Ryan the teacher? I thought this line from Brenda to Ryan was seriously underhanded: "I love Kelly, but as great as she is — you just dodged an epic bullet.” Mean!
  • Brenda mentions to Ryan she has a brother, and when he's all, "Oh I didn't know you had a brother," she gives him this hilarious mysterious gaze and says something like, "There's a lot you don't know about me, and it's better it stays that way." I totally laughed at that, because ooooh, a brother?! That's so intriguing! If she has a brother, what else must she be hiding? And sarcastic rant over.
  • Yay, Navid's back! He's seriously one of my favorite parts of this show. And now he's Dixon and Silver's third wheel! So cute and funny, those three. I love how Silver tells those two boys bickering over third wheeldom to "hug it out."
  • Dixon and Silver are so kissy. I like them as a couple and think they're part of what keeps this show interesting.
  • Adrianna is still lurking around acting mean and out of it. Does she have to look so pale and sweaty? We get it, she's on cough syrup or something. It's so over-the-top.
  • Annie's dad tells her to be nice to Adrianna because she might be on drugs. When Adrianna wonders why Annie would bother bringing her to the fashion show, Annie says, "Unlike you, I’m actually a nice person." Which — not to nitpick — isn't technically what nice people say, but whatever.
  • Back to Navid for one second. I loved his gaggle of models, especially when they hear his name, ask if it's Persian, and then decide that's hot.
  • So, wow! The Dixon punch-out scene with the creepy dude hitting on Silver is semi-controversial. A lot of horrible stereotypes are thrown at him, which is interesting territory for the show to cover. Hopefully they proceed wisely.

What did you think of last night? Is the new cast growing on you at all? Are you glad Ethan and Naomi called it quits? Were you invested in them to begin with? Are you tired of Naomi's family drama? I myself like it better when she's not so angsty and is free to wreak havoc on the other kids at school.

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