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Adam Lambert's New Music Video "Time for Miracles" From the Film 2012

Buzz-Worthy Video of the Day: Adam Lambert's Time For Miracles

Adam Lambert's new song "Time For Miracles" leaked online a few days ago, and I was admittedly mixed about it. Now, the music video for the song is making the rounds on the blogosphere, and I'm actually digging it more than I thought I would!

It's from the upcoming film 2012, so it has the obligatory movie scenes, but dare I say, Lambert's pretty darn sexy in it. (I bet TresSugar would agree with me!) Plus, the way he starts wailing around the three-minute mark could even give Christina Aguilera a run for her money. I'm still waiting for his video duet with Kris Allen, but until then check out "Miracles" and tell me what you think when you read more.

Adam Lambert | MySpace Video

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